With the shift towards personal budgets, service users are benefiting from
more choice and control over their services. As people become increasingly
involved in the choice and control of these services, they are also likely
to take a greater interest in their quality and value. The expectation of
good value and the ability to see exactly what they are receiving and what
they are paying for is likely to be a growing priority for services users
and their carers.

Our main goal is to advise on the best systems to provide transparency, the
ability to monitor and control with minimum bureaucracy and paperwork and
save the service user time and money.

And we have seen how it has helped ease budget pressures through efficiency
savings, developed productive and enduring working partnerships with
providers and allowed councils to focus effort and resource on front line
services rather than in administrative functions.

Process Matrix has a wealth of experience in introducing electronic homecare
monitoring and associated systems such as call rostering to councils.

We offer a wide range of support which includes: