The Personalisation Agenda is all about giving those on social care a choice in how their services are provided. There is no longer a one size fits all system. Personal budgets mean personal choice. Launched in 2007 and backed by the coalition government, the idea of a personal budget is to give service users a full understanding of the finance available to them and advice on how they may use it.

Process Matrix can not only help councils meet the target of offering 30% of eligible people their own budget by April, 2011, but we can support you through the various challenges of introducing personal budgets to everyone who needs them by April, 2013. We understand that to facilitate people's choice, councils have to decide exactly how much money to give each personal budget-holder, change financial systems to cope, provide information to people on how to use it and find local service suppliers.

All of our consultants have been working with councils on various aspects of this journey from project management and commissioning to new financial systems.

We can help:

We also work with individual service users and can advise how to: